Baliorganicarts, developed by toniksujana (me) who have a lot of experience about art from the culture in his village. Bali, island of peace that have a lot of culture since long time ago...

I Made Sujana / Toniksujana.


my name i made sujana, i'm manager of Baliorganicarts. I learned to carve crafts since childhood, and start to marketing my craft since I graduated from senior high school. Now, I work with my friends to make more carvings for sale. I am not only in charge of making carvings and new designs, but also creating websites to sell baliorganicarts products.



We are association of artisans who work together to share our inspiration and makes it easy to sale of our products.
All of our products basically handmade, we use traditional chisels and knives to carve, and as well a hand drill or dremel.
Not only wood, bone and buffalo horn, we can also to engrave tusk, moose horn, deer horn, special stone like marble and jade, mammoth tusk and other materials.
Water buffalo horn and bone are very popular, none toxic, stable, biodegradable organic material, with a beautiful appearance, absolutely perfect for carvings.

Domestic water buffalo horn is consisting mainly of keratin, which is a protein made with fibers, identical to that exists in hair, claws, nails, feathers, quills and wool.


How to order?

You can find our product on some online shop like etsy, ebay, amazon or personal website which are sold by retailers who are on behalf of their own shop.
But if you want to buy directly from us (with cheaper price of course), just click shop page. If there any goods are sold out, we can make it on stock in less than 10 days.

This website is encrypted by COMODO SSL (Look at padlock icon in the address bar or green address url HTTPS, more info at wikipedia) so it is very safe to use. And buyers only need to fill in the destination address of delivery and detail order on this website. All transaction and payments are made on the PAYPAL page, so all the important data about the buyer's is secured.
Buyers can also buy goods that we have put in other online stores, with the price slightly more expensive because the store will charge the cost of sales to us.

This item will be shipped via EMS. we need 5 - 12 days to process and make licenses / cites for shipping, and your order will arrive 4 - 10 days after we send you shipping confirmation and tracking code. All additional cost (duty charge or customs tax) that may occur for importing the items is the buyer responsibility.

Custom Order:
Just send your design to or to our facebook to request custom order. additional charge for custom order is about $15 - $35, depending on complexity of the design. we take 5 - 10 days to make it done and ready to ship.

we accept wholesale order, just contact us for the wholesale price.